The Most Comprehensive Roof Guide For Homeowners in Sydney

#1 Piece of Advice: Inspect Your Roof

Roofing is an important part of your house, but it can be difficult to know if there are any issues. To make sure that the roof doesn’t give out on you before it’s too late and cause major damage or leaks in your home, we recommend that you inspect your roof at least once every year or twice if you can. If you are not confident in your ability to walk on or inspect the roof of your home, most roofing companies offer free roof inspections even if you don’t think your roof is damaged.

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A Good Inspection Checklist Should Include:

What To Watch out For :

Rebedding and Repointing: Sydney Roof Maintenance

Keep in mind these Inspection Checklist where roof leaks occur the most:

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1. Skylight
Chimney Repair: Sydney Roofing Experts
2. Chimneys
Valley Installation: Sydney Roofing Specialists
3. Valleys
Mouldy Eaves Repair: Expert Roofing Services in Sydney
4. Eaves
Step Flashing Installation: Sydney Roofing Experts
5. Flashing

Interesting ROOFING Facts

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Roof Maintenance

To keep your home protected from damage, Halo Roofing Services suggests performing an exterior visual inspection once per year. Certain roof problems are obvious and will be visible to you as a homeowner, such as leaks, interior signs, missing or damaged flashing/tiles, missing tiles, or moss/algae growth. Please keep your safety as a top priority, especially if you have a sloped roof. Halo Roofing Services is glad to assist in performing an inspection, even if you don’t suspect any issues. If you’d like to have a professional assist, contact us.

Storm occurrence or heavy rains are especially common in Sydney. If a storm has recently occurred, we advise having a professional inspect your roof in-between your annual inspection. After a storm event, certain clues such as missing/damaged tiles, dented or detached gutter or downspouts  can indicate the storm was serious enough to cause property damage. If any signs of damage are detected, it’s important to contact a professional roofing contractor for a thorough inspection and necessary repairs to prevent further damage to the roof and home.

We are glad to assist. Contact us to have a Halo Roofing professional inspect your property for free.


If you’ve identified any visible wear, leaks, or if your roof is approaching 20+ years old, it may be time for a new roof. To be certain, we recommend having a professional inspection.

The cost of replacing a roof depends on many unique factors including material type, height, pitch, access, and size. However, on average, for an tiled roof the cost can be expected to be $140 to $200 per square metre of roof surface.

Each project is different, however most roofs can be replaced in 3-5 days. Our team will discuss in full detail what to expect from the re-roofing process upon scheduling the work to be completed.

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