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At Halo Roofing, we believe in facilitating our customers with the best options for residential roofing systems. If we talk about an insurance claim, then filing such a claim could be difficult for everyone, so we at Halo Roofing possess the right knowledge of roofing insurance and its claiming procedure.

Our expert team members can help you get the proper understanding regarding the insurance claims, including its complete paperwork and insurance scope of work understanding. Halo Roofing can help you do the right assessment of your property damages, making it easy for the residents of Sydney regarding all their residential roofing needs.

Below is an overall sample of a casual insurance claim filing that can help you understand this better.

First, you need to be assured of the roof damage to your house in order to be confirmed and completely aware of the damage. Then all you need to do is contact your insurance company, inform them of your damage, and they will assign an adjuster to your claim. Afterward, they will schedule an inspection visit to your house. Suppose you are unsure about the roof damage to your house. In that case, you can feel free to contact Halo Roofing to come to your house for the proper roof inspection so that you can file an insurance claim.

Once the damage is identified, our experienced Halo Roofing representative will assist you in filing an insurance claim.


1. Filing an insurance claim will require 10–15 minutes to be fully done.

2. The required things to be provided by you will include your policy number and the time and date on which the damage occurred.

3. All the insurance companies have a hotline where you can call to open a claim.

4. After the process, you will be provided with a claim number to use as a reference point for your whole insurance claim process.

Your insurance adjuster will schedule their review of the property. At this stage you will want to let them know that a consultant from Halo Roofing will also be present at the meeting. We find that when the adjuster and our team can both be present at the property, the whole process becomes much smoother, and the property also receives a more thorough review.

After the adjuster review, Halo Roofing will ensure your insurance settlement covers all necessary items for your roof replacement, according to local code requirements. You’ll receive the first insurance payment along with your deductible, payable to us, enabling us to begin work on your project promptly. Trust us to handle the approval, settlement, and funding processes, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience.

Roof replacement work. This process usually takes 2-3 days depending on the size and complexity of the roof.

After the roof is installed, if an inspection is needed, we’ll schedule it. Your insurer will provide the final payment directly to you, typically within 30 days. If the payment goes to your mortgage provider, we can assist in obtaining the necessary documentation for its release. Count on Halo Roofing to guide you through this process smoothly and efficiently.

Book an appointment with us to file an insurance claim to fulfill your residential roofing needs!

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